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Old School. New School. Classic R&B, Southern Soul and Comedy.



Enigma Events and Entertainment has a wealth of experience in the entertainment arena with a strong background with booking and promoting comedy shows. As the company continues with expansion the team is exploring concert productions along with enhancing its abilities in the areas of special events and partnership marketing.  The brainchild behind the company takes pride in ensuring that she works to promote EPIC performances, oftentimes in underserved markets, along with building long lasting professional relationships with artists, community partners and most importantly, the FANS!  Meeting the needs of target audiences is a KEY factor for the continued upward mobility of the company and the company’s longevity. 

Enigma Events and Entertainment grew from one team member who worked exclusively with booking comic talent through Mad Funny Entertainment, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. During that time, the team booked and promoted great comedy shows and worked with a number of comic legends such as Comedian Earthquake,  Sommore, J. Anthony Brown, Tommy Davidson, Bruh Man-from the 5th floor, Sheryl Underwood, Cedric the Entertainer and the late (yet still great) Bernie Mac, to name a few.


Enigma Events and Entertainment is committed to continuing to build a brand that allows its fan base to recognize quality and the element of surprise with special event planning. Our fan base should look to see “It’s an Enigma” events to surface as we work to continue bringing quality performances and events to cities nationwide.

Enigma Events and Entertainment is driven by passion and excellence…our customers are number one focus and we work tirelessly to develop shows and special events that will leave lasting impressions along with anxiously awaiting the next spectacular event. We work from the ground up and work to create an EPIC masterpiece.  Not only are we committed to creating spectacular events; but we are also committed to uplifting communities at which our events take place.  We believe in promoting EPIC events…events that Elevate People In (their) Communities…one masterpiece at a time.

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